History of cycle speedway

Cycle Speedway has existed since 1946. The BCSC was founded in 1971. British competitions are run annually, World Championships and European Championships biannually. There are approximately 40 clubs in Britain. There are also clubs in Australia, Poland, Holland, Sweden and the USA.

The sport developed in the late Forties under the influence of motorised speedway which was at the height of its popularity. The ensuing years have seen the image of Cycle Speedway change almost out of recognition although similarities with the motorised version still exist in so much that races take place in an anti-clockwise direction from a standing start on an oval track. Four rclassers race four laps in a sprint to reach the chequered flag which rarely takes longer than 50 seconds. But if the basic formula is similar, the speedway connection loses its grip on a sport which places the emphasis on the fitness skill of its rclassers and amateur competition governed by a comprehensive set of racing rules.

Thanks to www.cyclespeedway.co.uk for this great picture.

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