Events at Filton in 2012

Saturday 24th March 2012   South and South West Women’s Regional Academy   12:00

Postponed, watch here for new date

The following 3 events were moved to other tracks following the imposition of charges that either meant that the event could be staged at other tracks for no charge or the few volunteers who made up the Filton Club and trying to attract new youngsters and others to form a new club were unable to afford the charges

Saturday 7th July 2012   women’s league round 2  12:00

Wednesday 11th July  Wales National Team Training   evening

Saturday 11th August BJYL National League 2  tba

Day 2 of the British championships was booked in by the Filton Club, but again the charge was beyond their means.  However organisation of the event is in the hands of British Cycling and the Cyle Speedway Regional committee who will be staging what is a very big event and will showcase the Filton Track, particularly if it is covered by Sky Sports as it was last year.

Saturday 26th August – day two of the British Championship,

 day 1 on the 25th at East Newport and the

Final on Monday 27th at Newport.

Filton Programme for 26th August provisional:

Match 1 Open Pre Qualifier 1                              11.00 hrs

Match 2 Open Pre Qualifier 2                             12.30 hrs

Match 3 Women Pre Qualifier                            14.00 hrs

Macth 4 Open Semi Final  1                                15.30 hrs

Match 5 Open Semi Final 2                                17.00 hrs

NB: timings subject to number of entries

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