Welcome to Filton Cycle Speedway

Filton Cycle SpeedwayFilton CSC was set up in January 2006 in a bid to re-introduce the sport of Cycle Speedway to the Greater Bristol Area. With the help of Filton Town Council, new track was built adjoining the Filton Sports and Leisure Centre in Elm Park, Filton, and teams were entered in the 2006 South West League.

The club ran well for several years but then hit difficulties and haven’t entered the league in the last two seasons ie 2009 and 2010.  The track is recognised by both the regional organisation and British Cycling to be an excellent facility in a good setting and we are keen to build the club back to it’s popularity of the early years.  We therefore welcome contact from anyone who can help us to achieve what was hoped for when the track was orignially built.

On this site there is a report that in 2012 the Town Council put seriously high charges on the use of the track.

I understand that this no longer applies and that the Centre Manager would welcome expressions of interest in using the track in the future, initially at no charge, later subject to negotiation.